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When Batteries Go Dead

April 13, 2015

Susan Marg

Did an older relative, maybe a parent or grandparent, ever describe how tough they had it as a kid? Maybe they told you how they had to walk to school… uphill… both ways… in the snow. Times were tough, but no tougher than now, as demonstrated in a Pickles comic strip by Brian Crane on March 8 of this year.

Photo by: © Nik_Merkulov

Photo by: © Nik_Merkulov

Mrs. Pickles asks Nelson, her grandson, “Did you brush your teeth?”

Nelson replies, “I can’t. The battery in my toothbrush is dead.”

Mrs. Pickles refuses to accept that excuse, telling him, “I’ve been brushing my teeth since before you were born, and I’ve never needed a battery to do it… Just put some toothpaste on it and brush the good old-fashioned way.”

Nelson refuses to go along with the program, and he complains, “Aww! This is like living in the olden days!”

As a kicker she responds, “And when you’re through with that you can churn some butter.”

Thank you, Brian Crane, for once again pointing out that no matter how much the world changes, we don’t lose our sense of humor, as we get older.

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