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by Susan Marg, Personal Historian


I am a personal historian and memoir writer. If you have a story to tell or a memory to share, I’m your gal. If you need help organizing your thoughts or getting your words down on paper, I’m here. If you have something to say, but you’re not sure of the best way to say it, I can help.

On this website, I will:

Offer my wit and wisdom on writing your biography, also called a life history, as well as family histories and memoirs. (See “blog.”)

Share the wit and wisdom of others. (See “quotes.”)

Present the books I have written. (See “books.”)

Impart my background, experiences, and skills. (See “bio.”)

Provide an overview of my services. (See “services.”)

Attempt to answer your questions about working with your own personal historian. (See “q & a.”) If you still have questions, email me, and I’ll get back to you:

I believe our stories make us who we are. What are yours?

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  1. Louisa #
    September 13, 2014

    Wonderful site!!


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