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books: Las Vegas Weddings



Perennial Currents/HarperCollins published Susan’s first book, Las Vegas Weddings: A Brief History, Celebrity Gossip, Everything Elvis, and the Complete Chapel Guide, ISBN 0-06-072619-9. It is filled with Vegas lore and mixed with Hollywood tales of love and marriage and the subsequent fallout. It received honorable mention for general non-fiction at the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival.

Here is how some critics described Las Vegas Weddings:


With everyone from Britney to the couple next door getting hitched there, the city’s matrimony industry is indeed fascinating and rife with quirky detail… Marg excel[s] in describing the city’s wedding history…juxtaposing Vegas’s rise as gambling capital with its pursuit of bridal traffic, and the result is compelling.

—  Publishers Weekly


Part history, part gossip, part Elvis….This book is going to have you smiling, because it’s more fun than doing the Hokey Pokey at a wedding reception, and the gossip inside is tastier than chocolate-marble wedding cake. Do I think you should read it? I do.

—  Terri Schlichenmeyer, The Pahrump Valley Times


I love this book. It’s great Americana.

—  Greg Allen, “The Right Balance,” on Accent Radio Network


TARGET AUDIENCE: Couples who hear “Viva Las Vegas” and say, “They’re playing our song.”

RAVE: Elvis may have left the building, but he’s still in the chapel.

—  Jerry V. Haines, “Road Reads,” in the Washington Post

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